Monday, June 13, 2011

Buy A Beach House In Tokyo For 3,500 Bitcoins

Well, it seems Bitcoin is being adopted more and and more as a viable, established currency; and now, you can finally buy a house. Well, it's a condo in Japan sky-rise apartment building (on the Onjuku beach front, with a view of the ocean) but who cares!? For just 3,500 BTC this gem on the Pacific Ocean could be yours to vacation in or rent out to tenants! For reference, this condo is located about 3 hours, driving, away from Tokyo.

Check out the listing for the beachfront condo in Isumi-Gun, Onjukumachi-Shinmachi-816-23 on Akasaka Real Estate. You can also follow the realtor's thread on the official Bitcoin forums as well.

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