Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bitcoin Exchange Values Holding Steady

Despite the shockwaves rippling throughout the Bitcoin community (and the press beyond) following the incidents and Mt. Gox (and subsequently, further compromise of user accounts at other Bitcoin exchanges and websites where users chose the same credentials) the exchange value of BTC seems to be holding steady: it is currently trading at an average value of $15 USD, both domestically and internationally.

Mt. Gox is still not back up yet, as they are still processing user claims on their website. Trade Hill has also suspended trading for several days while they beef up security, however you are still able to deposit and withdraw funds.

One thing is certain, the Bitcoin community and economy are now under close media scrutiny after being featured in the likes of The Economist and The Guardian; and as they say, any press is good press, which means the influx of new BTC users will continue to rise.

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